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How Expert Project Managers Get Powerful Results With Automation

Project Management Automation Processes
January 31, 2019 / / Automation, Project Management / 0 comments

Combined with the right project management tools, automating business operations can be remarkably easy, reaping industries major benefits. There are numerous advantages of automating operations but the main benefits cited in a study by one of the leading trade journals includes increased labour productivity, cost reduction, enhanced performance, reliability and availability.

But, first things first….

What exactly is automation?

Automation is the process of producing manufactured goods automatically using control systems, robots and various appliances that require less direct human involvement or control.

With the rapidly evolving tech world, almost everything has been automated. And when it comes to the software/applications industry, automation is certainly the future.

Forward looking and thinking managers across the globe are already relying on various project management tools to maximise their results.

If you need powerful, timely results in your business, then automation is the solution. Read to the end to find out why you should consider it.

Why Automate Business Processes

When it comes to project issues, most businesses find it difficult to strike a balance. For one, manual management is cumbersome and time-consuming. In addition, you could just find yourself dragging behind your competition.

Workplace technology is advancing by the day and more and more people are now finding great value in utilising automation to manage their projects.

As such, an increasing number of businesses are turning to automated project management tools to assist them in smartly managing their projects.

If you’re not sure how to choose the most favourable project management tool for your business, click here.

Automating Work Duties

Automated project management tools can help managers to manage multiple projects and people efficiently, altogether.

These tools assist in keeping every task and workforce organised in an efficient way. Any effective project management tool will enable you to achieve the following:

  • Generate quality leads
  • Schedule plans, create, complete and update tasks
  • Communicate effectively with the team
  • Timely and cost-effective management of marketing campaigns
  • Efficient management of clientele
  • Easy monitoring of the entire project

How Project Managers Achieve Powerful Results Using Process Automation

The primary reason for using automation is to maximise productivity and minimise time usage. They say time is money and so every business should consider making the most of opportunities that come with automation.

So how do expert project managers realise powerful results using automation and why do they prefer using project management tools?

#1. Proper Budgeting and Resource Management

Every business in the 21st century faces universal pressure to increase its profitability. One way is to cut costs. But, the most challenging part of a project is making an accurate estimate of the required resources and working within the budget.

Project management tools assist managers to accurately ascertain the ideal working budget and give them control over available resources by allowing them to easily track their employees’ progress on a given task.

It also enables them to plan more effectively and complete the project efficiently within time and budget.

#2. Saves Time on Repetitive Tasks

Smart managers can save valuable time by integrating automation in their operations. Project management tools can easily and efficiently take care of repetitive tasks.

Many businesses lose a huge chunk of funds on repetitive tasks. By using automation, businesses can increase their productivity and gain a competitive advantage in their markets. With it, you can also create new tasks, update, edit and monitor progress all in a minute.

#3. Faster Review Process

The review process is an important aspect that must be considered by managers. Expert project managers depend on automation to help them optimise their review process, allowing every member in the team to receive notifications that there’s something to be reviewed. In the end, when feedback is provided, the specific assignee’s receive them instantly.

This increases the turnaround of tasks by team members and ensures the progress and completion of the project within time.

#4. Automation Improves Communication

Automated Communication Systems

Documentation is one of the most critical parts of a project. What has been completed, what is pending or any updates, and subsequent steps of the project—all make up documentation.
You can conveniently share this information with all your team members in a click. This is a huge benefit for relying on automation to communicate.

Smart management tools ensure transparency across projects. Members of your team will check for their assigned tasks, update reports and give feedback in no minute.

This ensures fast and better communication while also helping managers to check on progress of individual team members to ensure excellent performance.

#5. Ensures The Team’s Growth and Development

Once a manager is able to determine and measure each team member’s capability, other activities can be easily monitored.

Integrating project management tools in your operations enables you to monitor your project’s actual progress, how employees are working and which area they need to focus on more.

#6. Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Your customer’s satisfaction is paramount. Manual management of a project is a recipe for errors that could create problems that could chase away your customers (or send them to your competitor).


The main responsibility of a project manager is to prepare a practical plan, create and monitor assignments. There are countless project management tools out there that can kick start and help you manage your projects efficiently. You should take time to choose the best option for your project at the lowest cost.

I hope this article has been very resourceful in helping you make the right decision for the most ideal management tool(s) for your project.

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