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Description of Gmail sync function

1. View email list

We can see the email list in the Inbox category here. Click on each email to see details.


In each email we have Send Email button. If the email is sent through the CRM, it will be linked to the send mail function of the CRM in the contact or deal.

On the contrary, i haven’t made the email function yet if the email is sent from Gmail.



2. Send email through CRM contact or deal

If an email is already connected with this function, the sender’s email will be the connected email.

If an email is replied to, it will automatically retrieve the reply email to the system provided it is an email marked as unread. After retrieving a reply email, it will be marked as read in Gmail.



3. Limitations

As mentioned earlier, it’s currently not possible to display email replies to CRM contacts from emails sent through Gmail.

Can’t send email to outside without using email sending function of CRM contact or deal.

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